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About Us

The core of dynamics corp

Ms Helen Ong is a member of Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants. She started her business in 2003, as a sole proprietor offering bookkeeping services. Back then, she had only one person on her staff. In 2006, Dynamics was formed with the objective of providing more value added services under one roof and the company has extended its current staff strength to meet its requirement.

Her business philosophy is not only to provide good, professional service, but also to offer a listening ear to customers who need advices on managing their businesses. Says Helen: “A big intangible part of our service is to assure customers that we understand them and their needs. We believe that no two businesses are alike. And therefore, it is very important that we pay attention to our clients’ specific concerns and requirements.”

Mission Statement

To provide one stop management services as to meet the needs and requirements of our valuable customers.

Why Choose Us?

It’s simple. We make things easier for you. We offer a one-stop management service, which means you can leave all your tax issues, accounting, bookkeeping, timelines and other obligations to us. We help you manage your corporate governance in order to enhance your long-term shareholder value through enhancing corporate performance and accountability.

Core Values

Delivering our promises

Performing prompt and reliable services with integrity and professionalism

To make things easier for our customers and provide them with a financial piece of mind